People Have Mixed Feelings About This Mom Who ‘Publicly Shamed’ Her Son On Facebook

But many are praising her actions

Raising kids is hard. It’s probably the hardest thing I’ve ever done. And as they get older it just seems to get harder when you thought it was going to get easier.

Having babies and toddlers is hard because you literally have to do everything for them so it’s exhausting and thankless, but as they get older it’s so much harder because you feel like you have no control. You hope they’ve listened to all the things you’ve taught them when they were young and use their common sense to keep themselves out of trouble but tweens and teens can definitely be tricky.

There are outside influences that affect their behavior and those damn hormones come along and mess everyone up! Disciplining teens and tweens is difficult as well because you can no longer send them to the stairs for a time out. You want to ensure your discipline is going to make a difference and that your child is actually learning from their mistakes, but it’s so hard to know what to do. Many parents choose to keep their children’s indiscretions private and punish them in private, but others feel that a little publicity can go a long way in teaching their kids a lesson.

One woman from Louisiana taught her son a powerful lesson after she posted on social media that the boy had gotten himself in trouble at school.

While some criticized the mom for using ‘public shaming’ as a means of discipline, others praised her for taking a stand and being a strong parent.

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