People Are Loving What Megan Fox’s Son Is Wearing in This Rare Photo

Megan Fox has amassed more than 4 million Instagram followers, yet rarely posts on the social media channel. It’s likely the reason that when the 31-year-old does add an image, the Internet goes a little nuts. The actress just posted a rare collage of photos featuring her three kids and fans are in love with one sweet, but minor, detail in one of the pics.

Megan Fox Instagram selfie
Credit: Instagram / @the_native_tiger

Why are people freaking out over Megan Fox’s Instagram post?

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Kelly Bryant

Kelly Bryant is a Los Angeles-based entertainment and lifestyle writer who has interviewed everyone from Ryan Gosling to the Real Housewives of Beverly Hills. As mom of two boys she can always be found with Hot Wheels cars in her purse but never the things she actually needs.

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