People Are In An Uproar Because Of This Photo Of A Little Boy Breastfeeding His Sibling

Another day, another controversy surrounding breastfeeding. This time it has nothing to do with where and how, but who. I’ll never be able to understand why people have so much issue with breastfeeding. We all know it’s natural, right? That it’s what the purpose of this body part is?

Apparently, some people are in an uproar over a photo of a little boy innocently pretending the breastfeed his baby sibling. I’m sure you know why, as many toddlers LOVE to pretend to do the same things they see mommy and daddy doing throughout the day.

mom breastfeeding

For some, it’s a huge deal. The photo in question was posted by the Breastfeeding Mama Talk Facebook page shows a young boy placing his nipple in a baby’s mouth, with the caption: ‘Don’t worry mom, I got you covered.’

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