Pediatrician Arrested For Giving Partial Vaccine To Hundreds Of Children!

One Florida pediatrician is being accused of giving partial vaccine doses to children.

Pediatrician: it’s a person that we are supposed to trust, especially when it comes to our kids and their health, right? Now, I always say that doctors are not gods and that you shouldn’t expect your pediatrician to be one, either. But at the same time, they should have enough morals and ethics to do what’s right, especially when it comes to their young patients. Every pediatrician should treat their patients as if they were their own children.

Unfortunately, that’s not always the case. New reports indicate that one pediatrician from Florida is being investigated for putting her patients’ lives at risk. And you won’t believe why. This woman would rather put money in her pocket then give her patients the vaccinations they needed. Let me warn you that this story is going to p*ss you off.

(BTW why do these stories always have to come from the Sunshine State?!?)

About 500 children have to be re-vaccinated because an Orlando doctor improperly administered vaccinations. This shady doctor was administering vaccines to children who have private insurance under the federal Vaccines for Children program. The shots are intended for children on Medicaid or who are uninsured. But that’s not all.

Here’s what happened.

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