Parents Had To Sue Their 30-Year-Old Son To Get Him Evicted From Their Home

The grown man had refused to leave their home despite threats and offers of money

    Holy moly, this is insane! A 30-year-old man in upstate New York was sued by his own parents because he refused to move out of their home. 30 years old! You guys, this is wild. The man, WHO IS 30, is named Michael Rotondo. His parents, Mark and Christina, sound like actual saints. About eight years ago, Michael lost his job, and he moved back in with his mom and dad.

    It happens! I truly believe most parents plan on something like this happening at least once. But once Michael moved in, he was prepared to stay put. After repeated failed attempts to get their son to grow the hell up and get his own place, the Rotondos felt they were left with no other option but to pursue legal action. So … they sued him. And they won!

    This entire story is bananas. Michael Rotondo says all he needed was more time. But he’s had eight years! And his parents have finally had enough.

    According to court proceedings and documents, Michael lived in his parent’s home for eight years. He did not pay rent (because he doesn’t appear to have a job?). He didn’t do chores or contribute to the household expenses in any way.

    The parents tried on at least five separate occasions to get Michael to move out. They gave him written notices, one of which read in part, “After a discussion with your Mother, we have decided that you must leave this house immediately.” This letter in particular kicked off the eviction process, which has stretched on for three months.

    But Michael didn’t leave. Which forced the parents to do the only thing left to do: they took his lazy butt to court. And last week, they finally got their day in court.

    The judge ruled in favor of the parents, ordering Michael to vacate the home they’ve been trying to kick him out of for months. Here’s the thing: they offered to help! Mark and Christina offered him money to find a new place, they offered him help in searching for a job. They did what parents are supposed to do! And this guy just took complete advantage of them.

    Michael Rotondo, who will turn 31 in a couple of months, acted as his own lawyer during the proceedings. Shocking, I know. He called the decision “outrageous” and vows to appeal. Do yourselves a favor and watch the videos.

    This guy is a real piece of work! He will enrage you, and also make you want to start looking for an apartment for your kid right now … even though they’re only 8.

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