Parents Slam Department Store for Selling Padded Bras to Seven-Year-Olds

My daughter is starting to be very mindful about the things she wears. She’s at the age now that she’s beginning to recognize that her appearance is important and well, that fashion and style is everything. Even though I’m not a huge fan of the chokers, emoji shirts and kitty-cat headbands that she wears, she loves them. I guess it’s because she’s 9 and I’m not.

With that being said though, I definitely keep an eye on the things that she wears. After all, she’s still a child and I want her to be a little girl for as long as possible. We all know that kids are growing up way too fast these days. Many are dressing like teenagers in the fourth grade and saying things that many of us haven’t said or even heard of until high school. That’s also the reason why so many people are shocked and outraged over this department store’s decision to sell padded bras to little girls as young as 7-years-old! You’ve got to see this to believe it.

Credit: Shutterstock/Martien van Gaalen

Shoppers are extremely unhappy over this latest product aimed for little girls!

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