Mom Getting Slammed Over The ‘Awful’ Christmas Gift She Wants To Give To Her Naughty Kid

What would you do?

It’s hard to believe it’s almost Christmas time once again. At this point you’re probably frantically out running around grabbing last minute gifts. Maybe you’re trying to find time to bring the kids to see Santa. Or maybe you’re ready to pack it all in because the kids are totally out of control!

This time of year is super exciting for kids. Let’s face it, Christmas is everywhere! It’s not surprising in the least that some kids may not be on their best behavior. Sure, Santa has his naughty and nice list, but it’s easy for kids to get overwhelmed this time of year too. As much as we want our kids to be on their best behavior, it doesn’t always happen over the holidays.

Kids are overstimulated. They’re staying up later. There is so much excitement surrounding them it’s hard not to bouncing off the walls constantly.

Every parent uses Santa or their very own Santa spy, the Elf on the Shelf, to encourage good behavior. That’s one of the best parts of Christmas! But, can it be taken too far?

Should parents be able to use Santa as a means to encourage good behavior? Does Santa bring a ‘bad’ gift to your child if they don’t behave? Many are wondering if it’s ever OK to use Santa as a way to punish children for their bad behavior.

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