Experts Now Say We Should Let Our Kids Play Video Games And To Stop Nagging Them About It

It makes a lot of sense

Do you have video games in your house? With three sons we have two different video game systems and another one that will probably arrive for Christmas that my sons will love, not to mention the games on their phones and tablets that they play when out of the house.

When my kids were little I was hesitant about letting video games in the house, but I finally gave in and realized that video games can be fun and mindless, but they can also be creative and imaginative and a great way for our kids to decompress after a long day. After all, we enjoy sitting down and watching TV or having a glass of wine or simply relaxing, and so do kids.

I know there are a lot of parents who don’t let their kids play video games or put strict screen time limits on how much they can play, and I can understand all of it. After all, every parent has to do what they think is right for their own kids, and some can play a little and walk away while others will spend the entire day in front of their video games if given a choice.

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A new consumer report is now telling parents they should worry about how much video games their kids are playing, and instead start to play with them.

Not only will it foster a better relationship but it will also open the lines of communication between the parents and kids.

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