Parents Naming Kids After The Reasons They Had Them Is Next Level Hilarious

People got very creative.

Naming kids is something that’s incredibly personal and no matter whether you choose to go for something traditional or familial or something totally unique and unexpected, all that matters is that you love it. But parents recently began sharing what they’d name their kids if they named them after the reasons they had them and the results will have you on the floor laughing. And then thinking of what you’d name your own kids:)

It’s a pretty universal understanding that naming your child is a pretty personal experience and you’re never going to please everyone. Just look at actress Julia Stiles who was bashed relentlessly recently for revealing that she named her newborn son, Strummer. Naming kids is a tough job!

Naming kids is one of the most stressful experiences any parent will ever go through because it’s a BIG DEAL. I mean, let’s face it, this is what people will call them for the rest of their lives and you want to make sure it fits every scenario. Will it be a suitable name if your child is President? Will it be a suitable name if your child is a pro athlete, or math teacher, or artist? I used to yell out all my potential kids’ names to make sure I liked how they sounded before I decided on them.

But what would you name your child if you actually named them after the reason they were born? Bunmi Laditan is the super funny mummy behind the viral Twitter account Honest Toddler, and she recently asked people what their kids would be named if they were named after the reason they were born.

So many shared what they would be naming kids and the results are hilarious, and totally relatable!

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