Parents Facing Murder Charges After Their Toddler Starved to Death

I know a lot of people joke about this, but I truly believe there should be a law made for people who are either too incompetent or too negligent in life to have children. Seriously. If you can’t take care of a child and give him or her the proper love, food and shelter that they deserve, then it should be illegal for you to be a parent. No child on this planet deserves to be ignored or not given their basic human rights. Yet we see it all the time.

That’s why so many parents are both bothered and angered over this story of a Florida couple who claim that they didn’t even notice that their toddler was just seven pounds when she died! And what’s worse is that they are blaming their pool living conditions on their landlord. Here’s what happened. This is more than just child abuse!

child abuse
Credit: Palm Beach Post

These parents are facing life in prison.

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