Under New Law, Parents Could Go to Jail If Their Kids Bully Others

Raising kid is not easy, mostly because there is no rule book to follow and also because each kid is so different. You might feel like you’ve figure out the groove of how to raise them, only to get rudely awoken to the fact that your second kid or that kid down the street doesn’t respond the same way or need the same type of guidance as your first kid.

There are a lot of mistakes that are going to happen as we raise babies to be grown adults and trying to protect them during those years is hard. Especially when they’re school-aged and in groups of all kind of different people who don’t always respond the same way or have the same support system. That’s where bullying comes in because even though this has been a problem in the school system and childhood years forever, there seems to be a growing upswing and it really needs to stop.

We all know that bullying has gotten out of control in our schools in recent years, and it got so bad for one family that the mom decided to do something about it.

Victoria Crago says it was seeing her son sucker punched in the face right in front of her that prompted her to advocate for serious change in her community.

Now a new law has been passed that could see some parents face jail time if their child is found to be bullying, and people are having mixed reactions.

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What do you make of this?

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