Parents Claim Common Medication Prescribed to Kids Is Causing ‘Horrifying’ Behavioral Changes

I’m the kind of person who won’t take an Advil if I don’t need one. In fact, I’ll probably drink a few glasses of cold ice water before taking two Tylenols to help ease a pounding headache. It’s mostly because I was raised by parents who tried to avoid giving us kids over-the-counter medicine if we didn’t need it. The only exception was if we had a fever or serious symptoms that wouldn’t go away on their own. But a simple sniffle, headache, or cough could go away on it’s own. And it usually did.

But for some parents, they are absolutely flipping out right now because of a popular medicine that is causing some serious changes in their kids. And let me tell you, this sounds really scary.

sick child
Credit: Shutterstock/Vorontsova Alena

This popular over-the-counter medicine is causing some serious harm to kids!

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