Parents Arrested After 12 Children Found Shackled In California Home

It's being called a house of horrors

There are some news stories that are so hard to believe it hurts. These stories that only seem to be Hollywood made up to bring intense drama, but there are real children living it. The horror they must go through is absolutely heartbreaking and there’s not a word out there to describe the monsters of the word. We’ve heard stories of parents arrested for not protecting their children, or forgetting them when they should have been remembered. There are stories of parents who are so deep in grief after learning their children have been harmed. And that’s why stories of parents who, on purpose, deliberately hurt their children make my heart hurt.

There’s a news story that just broke that is one of those hard to believe stories. I worry about those caught right in it, how they will be able to grow and heal and let go of their past. Is that even possible? It starts, at the very least, when parents arrested for the alleged crimes they’ve committed against their own children.

In what authorities are calling a house of horrors, 12 children have been removed from their parent’s home and receiving medical care. The parents have been arrested and are being held in custody on suspicion of torture and child endangerment.

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Devan McGuinness

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