Parents Arrested After Three Children Found Living Inside A Plywood Box

The conditions were really bad.

Unfortunately, there are so many children who are not living in the best conditions and a recent story has parents arrested for the conditions they were living in. It’s heartbreaking and there are so many parents out there who are struggling and really just doing the best that they can. Sometimes that means mom or dad has to go to bed without dinner. Other times that means families have to quickly find some where else to live. It’s a struggle that too many are feeling and dealing with on a daily. And that pain has to be too much. Of course, there are some parent who are living in less than perfect conditions not because of their situation really, but other things that come into play that make it hard for them to care for their kids in a safe environment.

Being able to provide for your kid is one of those must-haves, but providing the basics. That doesn’t mean you have to have the best or biggest house. It doesn’t mean that your child has to have their own room. What it does mean is that you’re able to provide a safe environment. One where your child isn’t at risk all the time of the elements of outside and that they have access to food and water.

Two parents have found themselves arrested after police made a discovery that shocked them. Three kids living in conditions they say were far below par and they’ve been removed and taken into the care of Children and Family Services.

The details of how these children were living and surviving are shocking. And it led to parents arrested for not providing the basic needs.

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