Parents Are NOT Happy That This 30-Second PayPal Video Just Ruined Christmas By Outing Santa

We have not even had the taste of turkey for Thanksgiving and Christmas has already been ruined.

PayPal, the money-transferring website, has a new UK holiday commercial that may suggest that Santa Claus isn’t real.

What is in the video?  Two young brothers are very concerned about Christmas being canceled because they have noticed their parent’s not coming home with presents.

“I don’t think we’re getting any Christmas presents this year, have you noticed how Mom and Dad have been around so much lately? Normally, this time of year, they’re out shopping.”

The boys then rush downstairs on Christmas morning like all children do and find a tree surrounded by all of their gifts. They then show the parents  online shopping habit vs. going to the actual store.

Do you buy your gifts online?

But to others, it’s a crime against the magic of Christmas — and Santa Claus in particular:


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