Parents Are Being Slammed With Fees for Picking Kids Up Late From Daycare

Among married-couple families with children in the U.S., 61% have both parents working. Daycare is a huge expense for many families, with parents needing to find the right daycare for kids. Finding the right option depends on the specific needs of your child, and your own needs in terms of cost, location, hours and expectations.

First and foremost, the well-being of your child is top priority. Many parents choose a daycare center which is licensed and regulated to good standards. Ideally, daycare staff is trained in early childhood education. Kids will have an opportunity to interact with other kids. You won’t have to worry about other options if a babysitter or nanny falls ill.

But the downfall of daycare centers are the lack of flexibility in hours, especially pick up times.

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How much does it cost you if you’re late picking up your child from daycare?

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Maria Lianos Carbone

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