Parents Are Absolutely Disgusted Over What This Mom Let Her Son Do at a Restaurant

I’m pretty sure a lot of parents have been in this scenario before: you’re about to get into the car for a long drive with your kids. You tell them to grab their bags, their snacks, and their tablets before making themselves comfortable in the back seat of the car. And you remind them to go to the bathroom. Not once. Not twice. But three times.

Fifteen minutes into your drive your kid tells you that he has to pee. And by that, he means he has to desperately can’t-wait-ten-minutes kind of pee. He’s squealing and begging you at the same time to pull over. Frustrated, you hand him an empty bottle of water and tell him to pee inside it if he really has to go that bad. Surprisingly, his urgency to pee magically goes away.

Now, I would never encourage my children to actually pee in a bottle, but yes, I have suggested it to make them stop begging me to pull over in the car. But what if you’re at a restaurant? The doctor’s office? Or Disney World? You just go to the nearest bathroom, right?

Well that’s not what this mom did.

Credit: Shutterstock/VTT Studio

Parents are absolutely disgusted after seeing this mom allow her son to do this inside a restaurant…

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