Parents Angry Over the Reason Why This Restaurant Refuses to Serve Them More Than One Drink

Whenever I go out with my family to a restaurant, I almost never order any alcohol, and that’s for two reasons. One, they are usually very expensive and overpriced and that doesn’t sit well with me (especially since I’m naturally frugal) and two, I live in a state with almost no public transportation. And I don’t Uber very often, too. So if I want to relax, rewind and kick back with a few glasses of wine, I have to do it in the convenience of my own home.

With that being said, I’m not surprised though that there are parents out there who actually want to enjoy their meals with a few glasses of their favorite chardonnay or craft beer. Well now one restaurant in New York is saying no way as they are banning parents with children from drinking more than one alcoholic drink. Here’s why.

wine glasses doing cheers
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Is this restaurant doing the right thing?

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