Parents Place Ad To Pay A Stranger $3,400 To Have The ‘Birds And Bees’ Talk With Their Kids

Really? I'll have the talk for that much $$

Raising kids means sometimes we have to make big decisions. We have to have talks about scary subjects and do what we can to make sure when they’re grown and leave our home that they’re ready for the world. Some of those talks will be met easy. Some of them will be really upsetting or scary. And there will be more than a few talks that feel awkward and you wish you didn’t have to have. But, that’s what parenthood is. It’s about allowing your kids to have that open dialogue and feel comfortable coming to you to get answers. To feel out those weird things in the world and feel safe knowing you’re there guiding them.

And yes, it’s awkward AF sometimes. It comes with the territory of parenthood. But that is what is so wonderful about having that communication open with your kids. Because you don’t want them to feel so awkward they don’t go to you for advice or for the best information.

But, parenthood is sometimes picking and choosing your battles and time management. If you don’t have time to clean your kitchen, you can hire someone else to do it. If you need to work and need to have someone watch your kids, you look for the help of daycare staff or babysitters.

But, this is the first I’ve heard of parents trying to outsource someone to talk to their kids about a subject many parents discuss with their kids.

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Devan McGuinness

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