Experts Say This Is The Most Effective Parenting Style To Ensure Discipline

Kids being jerks? Try this!

Parenting is hard. Like full stop it’s not easy and it’s hard to prepare yourself for how challenging raising little kids is. There is no rule book to follow, there are opinions and options, but ultimately each parent has to choose what’s right for their family and then each child needs a little something different, too.

And even when you’re doing your best, you might have a child that is just pushing every single boundary. You have run out of patience and you’re child is running the show. And that wears you down.

But, don’t worry — it’s really not your child or you. It’s just that you might need to re-frame how you handle things, how you approach your child and according to experts there is one parenting style that will prove to be more effective than others. If your child struggles with discipline and falling into line when it’s needed, here’s what you need to do, according to experts.

There are three parenting styles that each parent falls into, according to developmental psychologist Diana Baumrind. It’s either authoritative, authoritarian, or permissive. But, there is one stand out that can will help your parenting grow to be the healthiest it can be for you and your child.

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