Parenting Fail: 8-Year-Old Girl Caught With Marijuana at School

Caught Trying to Smoke

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According to Fox News 8 in Cleveland, the unidentified little girl of Pataskala Elementary School was caught trying to smoke a joint inside a bathroom at school.

Police are trying to figure out  where the student got the marijuana, said Brooks, adding he could not comment further because of the ongoing investigation.

If police do discover where the student got the marijuana, that person could be charged with endangering children, Brooks said.

WSYX reports that family of the little girl says they believe another student planted the drugs on her while on the school bus and told her what to do with them.

“Very innocently she lit it up and got in trouble, and the other little girl didn’t get in trouble,” said a neighbor of the little girl’s family.

Police are also working with child protective services officials on the case and  were able to recover the marijuana from the trash but did not locate any drug paraphernalia.

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