18 Baby Name Fails That Leave You Wondering ‘WTF Were These Parents Thinking?’

While I fully support and agree  that parents have the right to name their children just about anything, I would like to think that the chosen name is in the child’s best interest. For instance, you may have heard of the mother who ate tons of red popsicles during her pregnancy and decided to name her child Red-Pop? No, this was not a birth certificate typo. I really wish it was.

Most likely this name has had to deal with so many jokes like,  poor little Red-Pop has no come-back for his annoying classmates, but “Thanks Mom and Dad, thanks.”
Would you name your son Pickle Parker? What about Ivana Tinkle?

No, we aren’t playing a  joke on you — We have the best of the best from social media shares!


1. ABCDE???

Credit: Imgur / tsjustjollyranchers

Abcde… LOL – Her friends are gonna be cheating in pre-school!

 2. Charish?

bad baby names
Credit: Imgur / tsjustjollyranchers

I love cute baby names and getting creative is always a good idea but there is a way to push creativity too far and these parents did that. Chair-ish… really? Do they realize it’s not the right spelling? The parents may clue in after getting the reaction on Facebook that they did.

3. Hashtag Jameson?

Credit: Imgur / tsjustjollyranchers

I was wondering if someone would name their baby “#”. Now WE ALL know. But seriously, it’s good to be up on social media, but there’s no doubt this is taking it too far.

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