Paraplegic Man And Fiancée Who Went Viral With Funny Pregnancy Announcement Give Update

Love these two

Social media has given us a lot of goodness. We are getting that inside look into people’s lives more than ever before and we are introduced to some pretty great people in the process. It allows us to keep in touch with family members, meet new friends, and find like-minded people. That is what makes certain things in life more exciting, because we can get really creative for things like pregnancy announcements, proposals, and then share our smarts with the world. And that’s what this paraplegic man and his fiancee did when it came time to share the news they were expecting.

If you are creative enough with your pregnancy announcement, your photo will go viral, and that’s what happened with Amanda Diesen and Todd Krieg. Todd, who is a paraplegic man from the chest down, and Amanda had a pregnancy announcement photo that made everyone laugh. You got a good look into their humor and how they take challenging things in stride.

Todd, who is a former dirt bike racer, became paralyzed after a biking accident in 2014. During his rehabilitation time, he met Amanda, who worked at the California rehabilitation center as a recovery specialist. They fell in love and got pregnant and their announcement made the world giggle.

That was back in February and they sent an update on how they’re doing and what has changed.

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