Palm Springs: More Then Just Suntanning & Golf

Palm Springs: More Then Just Suntanning &  Golf

Once a hotspot for the Hollywood elite in the 50s and 60s, Palm Springs is still a popular getaway spot for Southern Californians.  A place to get away from it all by hanging out by the pool with a tropical cocktail or to hit a few on the green, Palm Springs is also an oasis for healthy food. Growing every year and catering to its finicky and discerning guests, this dessert paradise has lots to offer all sorts of diners!

One of the newest and  hottest spots in town is The Ace Hotel. It’s so hipstery and cool that you forget you’re in the middle of the dessert. What was once a janky old Howard Johnson’s is now a mecca for hotties who just want to hang. Built so that every need is taken care of, you never have to leave The Ace. Also known as the Ace hotel and swim club, it boasts to awesome pool, 2 bars, 24 hour gym, spa, dog park, pool side commune room for parties and concerts, yurts for spa services and it’s on site diner, Kings Highway. No detail is ignored and they really take care of their guests. Kings Highway offers organic and healthy options for all sorts of guests and also caters events. Custom cakes and organic pool side snow cones to delivering all the fixin’s to your patio for a bbq, they hook it up.  Room service, pool service, party service, independent films, pet friendly and more, the Ace really lives up to its name. And it’s just so damn cool that it feels like you’re at camp!

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Carolyn Scott

The Healthy Voyager, aka Carolyn Scott-Hamilton, is the Vegan Executive Producer, Creator, Host and Writer of The Healthy Voyager web series, site, and overall brand. A holistic nutritionist, plant based chef, best selling cookbook author, film making, screen writing, traveling, singing, dancing, fun-loving, healthy & green living wife, The Healthy Voyager aims to help people live well, one veggie at a time!

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