Children Accidentally Shown Adult Movie Instead Of ‘Paddington Bear’

"We were all disgusted considering the children had to tell us."

It can be hard to send your kids off to school. Not knowing what they are going to be exposed to can be hard. If you’re a parent who is usually in tune with what your kids are up to, it’s a challenge. They will be open to a whole lot of things that will no longer be in your control and that’s hard. You do your best to get over those anxieties and move forward with the idea that all will be well. What are they doing that can be that bad, right? Playing, learning and sometimes watching a movie like Paddington Bear.

Well, unfortunately it doesn’t always go like that and a bunch of parents of kids who go to elementary school found that out. And the school is left scrambling to answer all these parent’s questions about how this could happen.

Not only that, but the idea that kids are sheltered at least from some things has pretty much been shattered. This was directly the school’s fault and hopefully they’re looking more closely at kid’s safety after this.

Not sure how the parents are going to handle this Paddington Bear question at home, though.

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Devan McGuinness

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