Overcoming Social Media Addictions

I clearly remember the first day picking up my phone and hitting the bird app and then remembered how fast I committed to a Social Media outlet! I put the phone down and didn’t know what to do. Three minutes later I picked up the phone again wanting to click on the app and had to put the phone back down. I did that over 15 times that day and felt I had SMA-Social Media Addiction, if there is such a thing.

Although my thumbs and fingers got a constant workout it was time for my mind and spirit to get the exercise it much needed once again. I immediately switched into high gear and began LIVING my day to it’s fullest. Longer walks with my baby boy, more book-time with him, cooking and baking more, writing songs while he slept, building our business, developed marketing strategies for my music; it was so exhilarating knowing that my day without a timeline check was absent completely.

Since the successful completion of my Social Media fast, the seeds that I planted with my family remains to flourish brightly. Will I sneak a quick peak to see what’s going on? Can the cravings be curbed? All I know is that it taught me to focus more on what’s important and that mentioning 11:11 is my favorite time is not necessary.  Getting back 40 minutes of my day to spend it with my loved ones and growing my spirit is PRICELESS.

Now that is something to tweet about!

Cheryl Moana Marie

Recording Artist & Songwriter Cheryl Moana Marie has been heating up sound waves around the world with her record, "Reach Higher" that has airplay on radio stations in Albania, Canada, United Kingdom, Sweden, Singapore, Serbia, Croatia, and Spain. She wrote, performed, produced and distributed the entire album under her Kauaiian Girl Record Label. A member of ASCAP, this sultry Hawaiian songstress has immersed herself in music since the age of five. Her journey has included being an Oakland Raiderette, On-Air Host for STARZ Movie Channel and Miss Asia USA. She’s done modeling campaigns and national commercials for some of the county’s most recognizable companies.  

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