Orphan Recounts Abuse at the Hands of Her Aunt and Uncle, Including Eating Her Own Vomit

While there’s no doubt that I love being a mother, here’s a little secret: I also love being an aunt. I get to do all of the fun stuff with my niece and nephew without any consequences. Most of the time I do it because I love holding the title as the world’s best ‘fun’ aunt and well quite honestly, it gives me an excuse to break all the rules with them. There’s just something wonderfully different about being an aunt as you get to love your sister’s children just as your own, without the difficult task of parenting them.

Surely, there are plenty of fun aunts and uncles that feel the exact same way. And that’s also the reason why so many people can’t believe this story of an aunt who had some pretty cruel intentions towards her young niece. In fact, she wasn’t being just cruel, but absolutely disgusting as well. Apparently, this aunt forced her niece and siblings to do the unimaginable after they ate too much candy and chocolate. Seriously – just thinking about this makes me sick to my stomach and in more ways than one!

child sick
Credit: Shutterstock/narikan

No child deserves to be treated or manipulated this way and especially from a family member.

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