Oprah Magazine Body-Shames Readers With Bad Fashion Advice

In the latest issue Oprah Magazine Body-Shames readers with bad fashion advice.  O Magazine  hit the stands on July 8th, there is a bunch of readers who are not happy and upset about the publication’s recent fashion advice.

In the Q and A fashion section of the magazine a reader asked, “Can I pull off a crop top?” The magazine  writer answered, “If (and only if!) you have a flat stomach, feel free to try one.”

Excuse me?

I thought O Magazine, Oprah network would be more about empowering women to be the best they can be, if you want to wear a crop top find the right size would be my answer!

Well, plus size blogger, model Tess Holliday responded to the “advice” with this Instagram post:

She told Us Weekly, “I’ve been wearing crop tops for about three years now, and I felt like I had to say something. Mostly because, [the Oprah Magazine note] went against everything I advocate for.” She inspired the hashtag #rockthecrop, and tons of women have been using it to show off how amazing they look in crop tops.


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