Oops! Help for Embarrassing Conditions

Oops! Help for Embarrassing Conditions

By Valerie Kalfrin

Oops, help for embarrassing conditions. Bad breath, sweating, incontinence, gas … they’re the punch lines of a lot of jokes, but in real life, they’re so humiliating you don’t dare admit them to anyone. However, if you do experience any of these problems regularly, it’s important to let your doctor know. “We talk about things that are embarrassing and private all the time,” says Dr. Kenneth L. Savage Jr., an osteopathic physician at the University Community Hospital in Tampa, Fla. Read on to learn more about your most hush-hush health issues.

Foul Breath
If you’re constantly popping breath mints and you haven’t seen your dentist recently, you might want to schedule an appointment, says Savage. Bad breath can be a sign of periodontal disease or other dental trouble. Brush and floss regularly, and drink plenty of water to wash away odor-causing bacteria.

It’s also possible that the problem lies farther south. Foul breath can be caused by inefficient digestion that leaves food in your stomach, says Dr. William LaTorre, a chiropractor and holistic practitioner who heads the LaTorre Wellness Center in St. Petersburg, Fla. Probiotics or digestive-enzyme supplements can help.

Finally, bad breath can be a symptom of a more serious condition like acid reflux or diabetes, so talk to your doctor if it doesn’t go away. “A sweet but pungent odor can be a sign of high blood sugar,” Savage says.

Too Much Sweat

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