5-Year-Old Helped Pack Her Lunch & Included This VERY Adult Item

There are days in which I absolutely hate packing school lunches, but I do it because I love my kids. Considering all the awful lunch menu options at schools these days, I feel like I have no other choice but to pack them a home-made lunch to ensure they get enough protein, veggies and fruit to give them the right energy they need for their long school day. It’s a tedious task that has to be done every night and I’m really considering on handing it over to my kids. After all, they should know what to pack and what not to pack by now, right?

Well, maybe. One Australian mother learned this the hard way when her 5-year-old daughter accidentally packed an adult item in her lunch box to take to school.

shocked woman
Credit: Shutterstock/Borysevych.com

There’s a new #pouchgate you need to know about!

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