One Mom Got the Best Revenge on a Man Who Took Her Parking Spot

Do not mess with a tired mother just trying to do her grocery shopping!

I think one of the best things to ever happen to parking lots was the introduction of those parent and pregnant women parking spots. I have to tell you, there was nothing better than getting to pull up in to those prime parking spots when I had was 8 months pregnant, or knowing there would be a spot waiting for me when I was trying to manage two car seats at the same time and trying to get my kids all in the grocery store in one piece.

They are really just the smallest thing that brings a busy or tired parent a bit of relief when having to take the kids along to do some shopping, don’t you think?

They can also be a source of outrage when you see people who clearly aren’t pregnant (men) or without children using those parking spaces that are clearly marked.

One British mom of twins from the UK recently ran in to a rather rude gentleman who decided he was just as worthy as parking in the ‘parent with child’ parking spots as the mother with twin toddlers in her car.

Something tells me he’ll rethink doing that ever again after this mom did something pretty sh*tty to get even.

parking spot revenge
Credit: Facebook / Make Mine a Double

Would you so this?!

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