OMG! Gold Leaf Kit Kats Are A Real Thing, But The Price Will Surprise You!

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Growing up, Ki Kats were my absolute favorite chocolate bars. Whenever my father would buy his daily newspaper at the newsstand around the corner from where we used to live, he would also bring home a Kit Kat bar for me. Even to this day I always raid my children’s Halloween candy to scoop all of the Kit Kat bars before anyone else can get to them!

Well now, there are gold leaf Kit Kat bars available for purchase but there’s a catch: they are only available in Japan and they cost $16 per finger!

According to the Daily Mail on Tuesday, 500 of the single bars will be made and sold only in the country, according to Nestle Japan, which has produced over 200 flavors — from strawberry to green tea and even wasabi — since introducing the chocolate treat there in 1973.

They look so good even though I’m sure they taste the same as traditional Kit Kat bars, right?!?

At the end of the day, a girl’s got to do what a girl’s got to do. Now excuse me while I check out the next available flights to Tokyo. Is anyone coming with me? * Wink *

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Source via The Daily Mail

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