OMG! Bear Caught Wandering In High School Hallway

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Eeeek! I doubt students of this high school will be skipping their classes anytime soon. Because if they do, there’s a good chance that a grizzly bear might be waiting for them in the hallways! Because that’s exactly what students and teachers found in a high school in Bozeman, Montana this week.

According to the New York Daily News, a custodian alerted a group of Bozeman High School booster club members meeting in the school’s south cafeteria to a bear on the football field.

By the time the group got to the window to see for themselves, the bear had already made its way from the football field to the west side of the building, near the shop area.

Maybe he’s looking to tryout for the school’s mascot position? (Hey, it’s homecoming season after all!)

Thankfully, no one got hurt and eventually the bear found an exit, running west through the grass, across Mandeville Creek and across 11th Avenue, where Gallatin County Sheriff’s Sgt. Brandon Kelly and Bozeman police officer Rick Musson helped navigate the bear out of town!

Source via the New York Daily News

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