Parents Decide They Are Naming Their First Baby After Their Favorite Restaurant, Olive Garden

It's a cute name, tho

It’s no surprise that trying to come up with the perfect name for your child is a tough one. There are countless names available and it can be daunting when you’re stressing over not choosing the wrong one or one your child is going to grow up and hate. Many people turn to outside places for inspiration, and one couple looked to Olive Garden to inspire their baby’s name and people are loving it.

There are a lot of places you can look to for inspiration for the perfect baby name. A lot of people check out the common names of the year — to either choose one from there or to avoid a popular name. Others look to their family tree to choose a family name for their baby that has been in their family before — maybe someone who meant something to them. Then there are people who like to choose a name that’s a little more unconventional. Maybe they like the idea of their child being memorable because of their name, maybe there is a desire to stand out among the crowd and often a name is what will do that.

Well, one couple went the unconventional route and named their child after their favorite restaurant and it’s actually a really cute story with a really cute baby name.

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Devan McGuinness

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