Am I Too Old To Get Pregnant?


Am I too old to get pregnant? It’s a well-known fact as your age increases, fertility significantly diminishes over time. Aging is also associated with higher miscarriage rates. Unfortunately these changes are intrinsic to the egg, and today’s fertility technologies can’t alter the egg’s integrity.

The connection between age and fertility has been proved over and over again from data derived from earlier populations that didn’t use contraception. The evidence shows that the later a woman married, the fewer children she had, and as time went on, it was also less likely that she would have children at all. Age-related infertility is therefore not a problem of modern society. The issue with modern society is that a large percentage of women are waiting to marry and are delaying childbearing until their thirties and forties. This translates to a larger percentage of women who face fertility issues.

A classic French study in which women underwent insemination with donor sperm yielded 75% pregnancy rates for women under 31 after 12 months of insemination. For women ages 31-35, this figure decreased to 64%, and then again to 54% for women over 35. In IVF cycles, pregnancy rates markedly decline according to the age of the woman — for details about national IVF stats, check out this Clinic Summary Report.

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