Nutella Changed Their Recipe and People Have Very Strong Feelings About It!

Everybody has their one snack food weakness that they just don’t buy because if it was in the house they’d never stop eating it, don’t they? That for me is Nutella. I will admit, I absolutely love Nutella, but if I bought it and had it in my house I’d be that sad lady hiding in my pantry away from my kids with a spoon and the Nutella jar and before I knew it the entire thing would be gone.

I don’t even eat Nutella on anything, I prefer it straight out of the jar on a spoon, which is again why I just don’t buy it on the regular. Every once and a while I’ll be at the grocery store or Costco and I’ll buy it because I think the kids would enjoy it, and before I know two gigantic jars are gone and I’m vowing never to buy it again.

Some people have much better self control than I do and love their Nutella. One quick look on social media and you can see all the different ways people like to eat it and find endless recipes that use the tasty chocolate hazelnut spread as well.

nutella recipe
Credit: Nutella

Only now Nutella has announced they’re changing the recipe of the much loved spread and people are literally losing it, wondering why anyone would mess with perfection?!

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