Nurse With Rare Condition Can Physically Feel Patients’ Pain

She knows why a baby is crying, what a blessing!

I can’t tell you the amount of times that I’ve had my littlest babies cry and I’ve not been able to tell what was wrong. It’s painful as a parent to not be able to help your baby. And it’s something that many parents feel. There is no way for them to tell you what is wrong. Even children who are older and not quite talking, it’s hard to know what they need. Are they in pain? There is only so much you can guess and even when it comes to the medical professionals, like a doctor or a nurse, the are only using their best judgement and a process of elimination to find out what’s wrong.

That’s why this one nurse is such an incredible blessing. She has a very rare neurological condition that allows her to feel the pain and emotions of other people. Yes, this is real life and not some science movie. She really is able to thanks to her condition and by choosing the profession that she has, she’s able to help so many people.

It sounds like a good thing — and for many reasons it is — but it also comes with the downsides and Megan Pohlmann of Missouri is one of the rare people who live with this.

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Devan McGuinness

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