Now Schools Are Begging Parents To Dress Their Kids ‘Modestly’


Back when I was in school (and this is a looooong time ago), the biggest offense you can make by violating the dress code was wearing a sleeveless shirt or a skirt that didn’t reach the knees. These days, when you have so many celebrities posing naked for magazines nothing seems to be shocking us anymore, and that includes what our kids are or aren’t wearing.

According to Yahoo Parents, there are pre-schools (yes, pre-schools!) that are so fed up with how some of their students are showing up to school that they are asking parents to make sure their kids are “modestly dressed” before dropping them off in the morning. While I think this is a FABULOUS idea (remember those short shorts that Target sold on their shelves to adolescent girls last year?) some parents are up in arms over the rules.

Here are some just a few incidents in which girls were asked to “modestly” cover up their bodies at school:

  • A 5-year-old Texas girl was asked to put a T-shirt and jeans on over a full-length spaghetti strap maxi dress because the straps were in violation of the Cypress-Fairbanks Independent School District’s clothing policies. Never mind that it was hot outside. Never mind that she is 5.
  • The 6th grade girls who were invited to a Rhoades Elementary pool party were instructed that uncovered bathing suits were not allowed. The exact instructions on the invitation? “All girls must wear a non-white T-shirt over their swimsuit.”

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