12 Things You Should Never Say to a Mom With a Big Chest

As a wife, mother, woman and warrior who has had big boobs I can personally tell you that having big boobs isn’t always a blessing. In fact, it’s been a nuisance more than anything else. The back aches, the pain, the cat calls, and not to mention the lack of proper sizing in department stores has made it very hard for mamas with big boobs to function.

But that doesn’t mean we hate them. In fact, they are also our best secret weapons at times. Although if there’s one thing we don’t like, it’s people asking us random, bizarre and sometimes even offensive questions about them. Hey, our boobs have feelings too, OK?

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Here are just a few things you should never say to moms with big boobs!

1. “You might have had plenty of milk!”

Suuuuuuure. Just because they are big that doesn’t mean that they are full of milk. The amount of breastmilk you have has nothing to do with the size of your boobs.

2. “Stop hiding those things! You need to flaunt what you got!”

Listen. It gets cold. It gets hot. The nipples show up during the worst of times. Underboob sweat is a pain in the ass. We’ll show them off and hide them when we feel the need to.

3. “Ugh, I wish my boobs were as big as yours”

Ugh, no you don’t. A lot of big boob mamas would love to downgrade to your perfectly perk size B cup, mama.

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