23 Things You Should Never Be Embarrassed to Tell Your OBGYN

Here’s a little confession for you: I absolutely hate going to the OBGYN. It’s the one yearly check up that I dread going to because it means I have to strip down to my underwear and get poked, patted and papped before I go home. It’s awkward, it’s weird, but it has to be done.

Unfortunately, a lot of women don’t tell their doctors everything they need to know during their yearly check ups. They should be treated like our most trusted friends, yet we treat them like that awkward one night stand you had back in college. You talk a little, you get naked and you just want to rush home. But honestly, you need to tell your OBGYN all the important things, because it can all impact your healthy

Here are things you should never be ashamed to tell your OBGYN

1. Your Hairy Situation

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Sorry mamas, but your doctor will probably be the only other person in this world (other than your partner) who will know how your hair situation looks like. He or she will see if you’re groomed, if you’ve got a landing strip or if you prefer the 70’s bush style. Don’t be ashamed and wear that hair loud and proud!

2. Your Real Age

I’m sorry mama, in order for your doctor to fully assess you and provide you with the right kind of care, you can’t lie. You can’t shave off a few years. You have to tell the truth.

3. You shouldn’t hide your other health info, too. Like your weight or any supplements you’re taking on a regular.

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