Not Again! Netflix Is Raising Their Price By $1


I have a general rule in life and it’s basically this: Don’t mess with my Starbucks, my Netflix, or my Target time. If anyone/thing interferes with the three things that give me the most pleasure outside of my family time, then I’m upset. And no one wants to see a hard-working mama get upset when she doesn’t have her Caramel Macchiato while shopping at Target or a quiet evening at home so she can catch up on her favorite Netflix shows.

According to the Daily Mail, the new price of $10 per month for Netflix’s standard plan marks the second time in 17 months that the company has boosted its U.S. rates by $1. Netflix says it’s raising its prices to keep up with the production costs of shows like “House of Cards” (which I love, BTW).

Netflix’s 42 million existing U.S. subscribers are being insulated from the price bump.

Unfortunately, the online movie streaming service is digging into our pockets a little by raising it’s monthly subscription price by $1. I know that doesn’t seem like a lot of money, but before you know it, Netflix is going to be the new cable. There was a time when it cost next to nothing and now it’s a fortune.

And for those who are upset about the price change, I use Amazon Prime. It’s cheaper and you get plenty of shows as well as Amazon related perks. I also have a Roku box and a Hulu subscription as well (because who does cable anymore?!?!)

Tell us Hot Moms, are you a Netflix lover too?

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