Mom Really Wants You to Stop Calling Yourself a ‘Single Mom’

Maybe you’ve done it when your husband or partner has gone away on vacation. Maybe you’ve posted to Facebook or some other social media channel and said you were a ‘single mom’ for the weekend while your significant other was away. I’ve seen many friends and acquaintances post about their ‘single mom’ status when their husband’s have been gone on a work trip, or maybe off on a boys weekend somewhere.

And while it’s true that you’re solo parenting for the weekend and maybe it’s incredibly tricky to navigate all the things you have to do while your partner is gone, you really aren’t a single parent, and many actual single moms take offence when this happens.

One woman is now imploring mothers who do some solo parenting while their partner isn’t home, to please stop referring to themselves as ‘single moms’ and she makes some pretty great points as to why.

single mother
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Does this bother you?

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