No Tears Birthday Party

No Time? No Creativity? … No Worries. Whose tears are we talking about? If you’re thinking the kids, well then maybe you haven’t planned a kid’s birthday party before. If you have and you have no idea what we’re talking about, then stop reading. Or if you’re like most Hot Moms, your time is extremely valuable, and although you may be able to get a team of sales reps to produce record breaking goals, you may be lacking in the event planning arena. No one can understand better than you, the stress that your child’s birthday can bring on. What theme? Where to host it? Who to invite? What to serve? Damn, so-and-so’s got a peanut allergy. It’s enough to drive even the most patient mom, absolutely nuts!
Well, you may not be a self-proclaimed Martha Stewart, but if you secretly wish you could pull off a party that looks liked it’s been pulled from her magazine, then we’ve got some recommendations that will keep you sane and the kids smiling.

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