No, Swearing In Front of Your Kids Is Not a Good Idea

During moments of anger and frustration, I let things out. I can’t help it. I’m human. I say things that I’m sure my kids hear and yes, I’ll even say it in front of it. And of course, not every word is appropriate for their little G-rated ears.

I mean, I’ve read so many parenting articles about how swearing in front of your kids is NBD, but to be honest with you, it is. My kids are like sponges and apparently they’ve got selective hearing, too. I could tell them to brush their teeth ten times over and they wont’ hear me but the moment I start cursing in front of them, they’ll remember each and every word into their little hard drives and repeat it later on. And no, a 6-year-old should not be repeating mommy’s words in this case.

If there’s one person that knows what I’m talking about, it’s Hollywood actress Jordana Brewster. She recently admitted that she not regrets cursing in front of her child and here’s why.

Jordana Brewster
Credit: Instagram/@jordanabrewster

Do you curse in front of your children?

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