No, No, No ~ Kids Should Not Be Paid To Do Their Household Chores

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I don’t pay my children to do their chores at home. Why? Because I basically expect them to pick up after themselves, clean their rooms and put their toys around not because it’s their job, but because they need to learn how to be responsible and organized. I always tell them that they can thank me later in life when they realize being tidy and clean will help them run their lives more efficiently as adults. Simply put, I don’t get paid to take care of our house and neither should they.

And plus – no one wants to grow up to be that person with a half-eaten Cinnabon left on the living room floor with yesterday’s dishes still sitting in the sink. I mean, ew.

Yet, there’s a new report that says just under half of teens in the U.K. are paid to do everyday chores like vacuuming, taking out the garbage and helping around the house.

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