No more Birthday Parties!!!! YAY!!

Now I’m not a scrooge but after 13 years of Birthday parties, I am really over them.  Somehow, I convinced my daughter who just turned 8 to pick one friend and and we would go to Benihanna. She went for it!! Her Aunt Mandy flew in and we all had such a great time with absolutely no stress at all.

Is it me, or have birthday parties gotten way out of hand?  I was realizing that as a kid, I don’t remember having even one party but now a days it’s unheard of to NOT have a party. As a kid, I always felt it was a special day just for me. My Mom would let us pick our dinner, weather out or in, we would get out family gifts and we always had our traditional Birthday Song sang with our traditional Birthday Cake, made from scratch!

Now if you are into Birthday parties, great! But if you are as sick of them as I am, I just wanted you to know that there are options and the Birthday kid might just have a great time too!!


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