No, Fathers Are Not The Same As ‘Babysitters’

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The moment my husband says that he is going to “babysit” our kids, we are done.

Sorry, there is a huge difference between being a parent and a babysitter, and I really don’t care who you are or where you come from, but no parent – regardless of whether it’s the mother or father – should ever refer to their quality time with their children as “babysitting.”

Unfortunately, that’s what reality television star Derick Dillard (who is married to Jill Duggar) did on his Instagram account when he shared a photo of him and his 6-month-old son Israel David this past week. He captioned his pic with, “Babysitting this guy this morning.”

Unfortunately, Derick has since made his Instagram account private because of all the scathing comments he received under his pic. And while I know that this sounds harsh, Derick my dear, never refer to yourself as your child’s babysitter. Never say that you are “helping” your wife with your child, because you’re not the help. You’re a dad. It’s your job and it’s your responsibility to make sure your baby is always loved and protected. Ok?

And that goes with every father out there, too. Fatherhood is not a part-time paid-by-the-hour job.

Photo via Yahoo Parenting

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