Nina Garcia…My Daughter Requests An Audience

NinaandSamNina Garcia,My Daughter Requests An Audience.   The other night I mixed business with pleasure. Me the Professional Writer met Me the Queen of Mommyland (both well-dressed, of course) for cocktails and heavy hors devours at a holiday media party.

By Mommy Me I mean, that’s right, I took mini-me. Baby with sippy and mommy with martini (don’t worry, hubby was there too). Might have seemed foolish in the beginning (child exclaimed with merriment when we arrived, “I don’t want the party to ever end!”). But after she behaved better and was more charming than some of the drunk industry pros, I felt I had made the right decision. Besides, there’s no problem a portable DVD player quickly pulled from my hobo bag can’t fix.

At the close of the evening (a lame 7:45pm), a fellow media friend stopped me and said, “Your daughter redefines the word ‘precocious.’” He also threw out, “She’s independent, too. Wonder where she got that from?” Whatever. Shut up.

It’s true. My little daughter, when it comes to most things, has her own big ideas. Especially when it comes to…you guessed it…what she wants to wear. When she was an infant, she wouldn’t wear anything with a collar. Hey tiny tot version would slowly prowl Macy’s women’s department, exclaiming, “This is cute,” when she stumbled upon a nice piece. She wears sweaters in the summer time. And the only way I can get her to wear a dress is to call it a long shirt.

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