7 Unspoken Things That Completely Freak Us Out About Newborns

I was so worried about #4!

The moment you find out you are pregnant is such a changing experience. Even if it’s one that you’ve been working toward for a long time, or a complete surprise, it’s a big change. It probably didn’t take you too long before you started looking up information on newborn care and what to expect during your pregnancy. You hit up your favorite blogs, baby forums, and websites. There is so much to learn about how your life is going to change.

After you’ve spent nine months doing everything you can to grow your baby and keep them healthy, time comes to do the same on the outside of the world. Newborn care is intimidating, especially if you’ve never held a baby before. There is a whole lot riding on it all — you are responsible for this new little human.

Well, even after reading all those books, checking out all the parenting forums and getting all the details down, you will still be surprised. There are some things about newborns that will completely freak you out. They’re not often talked about as being weird or freaky, because hello, it’s an adorable baby. But make no mistake. They’re weird and we’re all about helping you stay informed.

So, here are 7 unspoken things that completely freak us out about newborns that will maybe freak you out, too.

Don’t worry though, these weird newborn things are also completely normal.

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Devan McGuinness

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