Newborn Twins Separated At Birth Won’t Stop Crying Until They’re Together Again

The cutest thing ever.

    Newborn twins are used to being with one another in their mother’s womb. So it shouldn’t come as a surprise that they have a hard time dealing with separation after birth. And that’s exactly what happened to these newborn twins, who wouldn’t stop crying unless they were reunited again.

    And the best part? Their father managed to capture the moment on video.

    The clip, which already has, five million views on Facebook, shows the babies crying when they briefly lose skin-to-skin contact but are immediately quiet when their nurses re-position them close together.

    Now, we can spend the entire day talking about the phenomenon that is twins. For many siblings that are twins, they know they have a lifelong bond that can never be broken. But who would have ever thought that for newborn twins, their connection begins before they even take their first breath in the outside world.

    This is something that you really have to see to believe. We always knew that newborn twins had a special connection, but this here is really a one of a kind moment. Let me warn you though that this clip will definitely pull at your heartstrings. It’s an emotional one.

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